WN Hub

Game Industry Communication Platform

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WN Hub is a communication platform for the game industry that makes business networking available to everyone with no location or time limits.


The platform is designed to help companies reach their business goals online.

  • Learn about other players on the market
  • Hold personal or group video meetings
  • Strengthen existing and establish new partnerships
  • Exchange news and knowledge during lectures and webinars
  • Showcase games, receive feedback, and find future partners
  • Find promising projects and help them conquer the game world

As of August 2020, the platform has already gathered more than 10,000 people from the game industry, from CEOs to Artists, from HR Specialists to Business Developers.


Besides being the platform for 24/7 networking, the WN Hub is hosting game industry events of different sizes for unlimited number of attendees. The WN Hub is the home for eight events already.

The platform is built in-house by the WN Team who knows how tricky it is to organise the event. Our team will insure the smooth running of your event and a business positive experience for your attendees.

Get in touch at welcome@wn.media to learn the pricing and conditions.

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