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We invest our passion in creating unique products, growing expertise, and contributing towards a better, bigger video games industry.
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We love what we do. That gives us the strength to not just meet expectations but to exceed them, delivering outstanding results and achieving goals that yesterday seemed out of reach!
Above all, we're a team. That means we help each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. Trust, respect, and responsibility — these are the pillars on which we stand, prepared to take on any challenge.
We are quick to assess the situation and put forth a solution that makes most sense here and now. We plan every step of the way and can defend our decisions. We think big. The world is changing fast, and so are we.
We never settle, always hungry for new knowledge and experience. Unafraid, we approach challenges with curiosity and style!
The year 2024 kicked off with events across UK, Pakistan, and Spain, showcasing our continued global outreach.

In February, we achieved a milestone with the WN Conference in Abu Dhabi, strengthening our presence in the MENA region.

The GenAI for Business Conference was held in San Francisco alongside the GDC, continuing our focus on the intersection of AI and business.

Additionally, WN Conferences are scheduled to take place in Istanbul in June and in Cyprus in September, further extending our global footprint and engagement with the international community.

Stay tuned!

We hosted a series of events across various countries including the UK, USA, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Cyprus, Serbia and China.

The event under a new brand is introduced - Game Developers ❤️ Berlin.

The first GenAI for Business Conference took place in Istanbul in June, followed by a second edition in October in San Francisco, showcasing the latest in AI tools.

In July, we collaborated with ChinaJoy for a special event that attracted over 500 attendees, highlighting our growing international presence.

We also launched the WN Academy, an educational platform designed to empower professionals in the gaming industry.

Additionally, the WN Game Finder was launched, providing a comprehensive catalog for game developers, publishers, and investors to discover standout games.
We unlock the MENA region! On-site events take place in Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

The conferences also take place in Berlin and Limassol, Cyprus.

WN CEO Summit returns with an updated format.

Developers from Canada gather at the second online WN Dev Day Canada.

Several WN Dev Contests are organized, with 500+ developers participating.

WN Talents recruitment agency focuses on MENA and EMEA clients.

Numerous events on talent management topics are held in different cities and online.
30+ online events gather game industry communities from different regions, including Europe, LATAM, Canada, USA and China.

We host the WN Dev Contest for UE4 developers, EMEA edition, with 600+ participants.

Launch of the recruitment agency WN Talents.

We’re back to physical events!! In the spring of 2021, we enter the Chinese market and organized an on-site conference in Shanghai — WN Shanghai 2021. 500 attendees finally have in-person meetings and network at expo and parties.

The first US edition of the WN Conference takes place in Seattle.

WN Talents Conference gathers artists, UI-designers, game designers, producers and developers on Unreal Engine.
Launch of the online communication platform WNHub that aims to connect game industry professionals and offer them efficient tools for reaching professional goals.

The first online conference on the platform, WN Hub — The launch week gathered over 20,000 attendees from all over the world. The era of online and hybrid events begins.

The first HR conference for the video games industry — TiG HR conference.

The first WN Talents online conference.

WN Hub starts hosting third-party events, with Google, Playrix, and Plarium among first users of the new feature.

HTML5 Game Developer Day Conference — two events for HTML5 developers take place online.

WN Summer'20 and WN Fall'20 take place on the WN Hub allowing games companies to reach their goals with online presence and networking.
All the projects are restructured into a single company.

WN Media Group is created.

WN Media Group is a business ecosystem of products and services for the video gaming industry, including B2B events around the world, an online communication platform, news portals in different languages, and a talent agency.

Launch of events under the WN Talents brand.
The first WN CEO Summit Cyprus 2018, an exclusive event for top managers of the video games industry.

Launch of recruitment platform

Launch of, a b2b media outlet for the global audience.
The first European conference: WN Helsinki 2016.

‍Our first event outside Russia. More cities to follow: Prague, Limassol, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Minsk, Amsterdam and others.
The first WN Conference (known as White Nights Conference at the time), a business conference for the video games industry, takes place.
Launch of App2Top, which will later become the major B2B media focused on the video games industry in the Russian language. The latest game development and marketing news, interviews with industry leaders, postmortems, and game design tips – all this and more can be found there.
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